Full ICDR Arbitration Cost Calculator.

Unlike other online arbitration cost calculators, which merely calculate administrative and arbitrator fees, this recent online tool calculates ICDR administrative and arbitrator fees, while also estimating all other standard costs of resolving a dispute via ICDR arbitration, including the costs of witnesses, experts and lawyers. As with all institutional arbitrations, by far the largest single cost element is for attorney’s fees.

It is based on the current schedule of fees of the ICDR, as well as the sources and assumptions listed below.

Please do not hesitate to contact the lawyers of the IAA Network if you desire a personalized estimate of the cost of resolving any legal dispute via international arbitration.

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Underlying assumptions for ICDR Arbitration Cost Calculator

  • ICDR administrative costs based on fee schedule as of August 2013 (Amended and Effective June 1, 2010)
  • Average length of ICDR proceedings is calculated on the basis of Mark Appel’s “Taking Your Case to the International Centre for Dispute Resolution”
  • Model shows total costs from the preparation of a claim to the rendering of a final award
  • The standard fee schedule is used in this model, as it is more common and typically results in lower overall ICDR administrative fees
  • Each party is assumed to share ICDR administrative expenses and Tribunal costs equally, although this is not always the case
  • In low-complexity cases, it is assumed that no experts are required by the parties or the arbitral tribunal
  • The estimated duration of work per arbitrator incorporates the assumptions of Winston & Strawn’s “What Can Be Done About Arbitration Costs?” report of September 2007
  • Anticipated expert, witness, management and external costs are based on CIArb Costs of International Arbitration Survey (2011)
  • Attorneys’ fees, which form the largest expense in any arbitration (on average nearly 82%, see ICC Publication 843) are estimated using blended hourly rates based on international surveys
  • Please note that the successful party may be reimbursed a portion of its legal costs by the losing party in the final arbitration award, a possibility which is not factored into this model

While care has been taken to ensure robust estimates, the ultimate cost of arbitration will inevitably vary depending upon the specific facts of the case. Please contact us should you require a professional assessment of your likely arbitration costs or an explanation of ICDR arbitral procedure.

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