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The International Arbitration Attorney Network is the leading legal network of highly-specialized international arbitration practitioners and independent international arbitration law firms. Members either come from the arbitration practices of the best international corporate law firms or are highly-acclaimed professors of international law. The IAA Network’s lawyers serve on cases of any size, offering the highest quality international arbitration legal representation in a flexible, successful and highly cost-effective manner. They serve as counsel for international commercial arbitration, international investment arbitration and State-to-State conflicts, together or individually. They also serve as arbitrators at the leading international arbitration institutions. They are based in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and North America and provide arbitration legal representation for international disputes under the laws of all legal systems and in many different languages. Contact our members if you are interested in learning more about their arbitration legal services.

International arbitration is the leading form of international dispute resolution between businesses of different nationalities, as well as between foreign investors and States. It is often the only neutral dispute resolution mechanism available to resolve a dispute with an international element in a final and binding manner, where neither party has a home court advantage and the legal cultures of both parties can be taken into account. As the world has grown increasingly interconnected, the use of arbitration has grown, and many new arbitration institutions are created each year to meet rising demand. Due to the Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards of 1958, the awards of international arbitrators can be enforced in 154 countries, providing another key advantage of international arbitration as compared to domestic litigation to resolve international disputes. The members of the International Arbitration Attorney Network are specialized in resolving legal disputes through international arbitration.

International Arbitration Resources

In addition to providing access to the international arbitration lawyers of the IAA Network, who would be glad to answer any questions concerning international arbitration, the purpose of this website is to provide access to useful international arbitration information and legal resources, in order to make information about the leading form of international dispute resolution more widely available.

The IAA Network’s unique international arbitration search engine instantly searches nearly all leading online international arbitration legal resources simultaneously, providing answers to almost any question concerning arbitration.

Many other free arbitration resources are also provided, including the only international arbitration cost calculators to estimate the full cost and duration of resolving ICC, LCIA, ICSID, ICDR and SIAC international arbitrations.

There is also a unique online library of many leading books on international arbitration, thousands of documents that have been made available in a large database of arbitration-related legal materials, and tools to find skilled international arbitrators, to review fast-track and model arbitration clauses, to estimate the timeline of arbitral proceedings, to read arbitration news, to access bilateral investment treaties, and much more.

Our arbitration resources are freely available and available in 44 different languages.

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